May 19 2019

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Summer 2019 Academic Calendar

Note: The dates and times listed below are subject to change. Please refer to https://registrar.fsu.edu/registration_guide/summer/academic_calendar/ for the most up-to-date information.

Note: Panama City Campus students must convert all times to Central Time unless already noted.

Note: For International Program (IP) session Summer term dates, please refer to the “IP Sessions” portion in this chapter of the Registration Guide.

Main Campus Dates

May 13–Aug 2 (12 week)

May 13–June 21 (6 week 1)

June 24–Aug 2 (6 week 2)

May 13–July 5 (8 week)

Open enrollment for Summer Health Insurance begins.

Registration for currently enrolled and readmitted degree-seeking students. See “Enrollment Appointments.”

March 11–April 26

March 11–April 26

March 11–April 26 and June 20–June 27

March 11–April 26

March 11–April 26

Last day for community college and FSU students to submit Summer 2019 transient applications.
Last day to apply for Transient Student Status.

Last day to submit waivers or billings for Early Disbursement Financial Aid.

Early Disbursement Financial Aid available via EFT.

Residence Halls open.

Last day to file for change in residency status.

Open enrollment for Summer Health Insurance ends.

Drop/Add. 12:01 a.m.–11:59 p.m.

Classes Begin.

Late Registration. ($100.00 late registration fee.)

Last day to Drop/Add and have fees adjusted. Students are liable for all fees for courses still on their schedules at midnight.
Last day to add a course without Academic Dean’s permission.
Last day to cancel enrollment and have fees removed.

Fifth Day of Classes.
Last day to submit waivers or billings.
Last day to request VA deferment from VA representative.

Summer 2019 Graduation Application Period. Apply online at https://my.fsu.edu.

First day to apply for financial aid deferments and delayed delivery loans.

Last day to pay or defer tuition, housing, or fees for all students, including veterans who are not using a veteran deferment, without a $100.00 late fee. Veterans should contact a VA representative with questions.

No Classes: Memorial Day Observed.

Last day to request change or cancellation of Summer Health Insurance.

Last day to submit doctoral dissertation or treatise for pre-defense format review.

Prorated 7th week session deadline.
Last day to submit form requesting S/U grading or to change S/U option back to regular grade.
Last day to reduce course load without permission of Academic Dean. Dean’s permission required to drop below minimum hours.
Last day for doctoral students to take and pass their preliminary examination in order to add or convert dissertation hours for the current semester.
Last day to drop a course without receiving a grade.
Last day to withdraw from school without receiving a grade.

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