Apr 11 2019

Medical Lab Technician Schools For Laboratory Tech Training

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Medical Lab Technician Schools For Laboratory Tech Training, REMMONT.COM

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Finding The Right
Laboratory Tech Schools

As today s society is becoming more vulnerable to a wide range of diseases and illnesses, the need for reliable laboratory tests are now of utmost importance. With the help of laboratory tests, many health-related problems can be promptly detected, diagnosed and efficiently treated. A medical lab technician works in a medical laboratory in performing microscopic, immunologic, hematological, chemical and bacteriological diagnostic analysis on body fluids. These body fluids usually include sputum, urine, stool, blood, pericardial fluid, peritoneal fluid, synovial fluid and cerebrospinal fluid. A laboratory technician can be employed in numerous offices such as biomedical facilities, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, schools and universities, and clinical and reference labs.

Medical lab technicians usually work under close supervision of medical personnel such as pathologists and medical lab scientists or medical technologist. They operate and handle intricate laboratory supplies and equipment such as chemicals and microscopes. A lab technician can also choose work in one of the many different lab divisions which include microbiology, blood banking, immunology, hematology, cytotechnology or chemistry. Besides performing routine lab duties, they may also be required to do other related work such as blood typing, maintenance of lab records, maintenance of laboratory equipment, and submission of test results to concerned medical staff.

Medical lab technicians work alongside medical technologists in order to assist in the detection of irregularities in recently collected samples from patients. During the course of analysis, the medical team may find bacterial infection, viral infection, parasite infection, malignancies, and genetic problems in these samples. Individuals who are looking to pursue a career as a medical lab technician will have to be proficient in subjects which, among others, include geometry, physics, biology, algebra, chemistry. And since this medical field also involves some physical work, one must also possess a decent level of physical fitness. Excellent communication skills will also be of great importance in this field.

Based on a statement from the American Society of Clinical Pathology or ASCP, To prepare for a career as a medical laboratory technician. it helps to start by getting a solid foundation in high school sciences — biology, chemistry, math and computer science. This also means that an individual must have acquired a high school diploma or its equivalent prior to enrollment in a training program for such job. Successful completion of an Associate s Degree program is another primary requirement for this medical field. This usually takes around two years to complete and may be taken from accredited universities, community colleges or lab technician schools.

After an individual is awarded an associate s degree, he must also undergo an accredited clinical training program which is designed for medical lab technicians. An individual can also study further in order to acquire a bachelor s degree which will allow him to become a medical technologist and open up more employment opportunities. Certification is also another requirement, and it is acquired by passing the national certification exam which has been prepared by the either the Board of Registry of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, American Medical Technologists, or the National Certification Agency for Medical Laboratory Personnel.

Medical lab technician jobs are forecasted to increase by 10 to 20 percent in the coming eight years. This may be attributed to the increasing number of the elderly, as they are the ones usually in need of healthcare attention. Also, with the technological advancements occurring at really fast pace, new opportunities are certain to open up in this medical field. According to the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, salary at the top 10 percent spot for this vocation have received a maximum of $50,250, while the average goes for around $32,840 annually.

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