Apr 13 2019

Plumbing charlotte

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Plumbing charlotte, NEF6.COM

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Your Charlotte Plumber – W.H. Hobbs Inc

For nearly a century W.H. Hobbs Inc. has established itself as a Charlotte’s premier plumbing company. our entire team of plumbing technicians have the highest level of training and skill anywhere in the industry. No matter what type of problem you are experiencing or how large or small, our Charlotte Plumber can handle it. From repairs and maintenance to installation and total system repair, we do it all. We are certified, licensed and insured in all areas of plumbing and provide service that is fast, dependable, and affordable. Next time you need a professinal plumber that you can count on, contact W.H. Hobbs Inc. We are the plumbing experts.

Complete Plumbing Repairs

The next time you have a damaged pipe or a leaky faucet, don’t hesitate. Call us immediately to have it fixed. With plumbing, small problems inevitably turn into large problems which can create water damage in your home. We provide full service that ranges from sealing leaks and loose connections to replacing pipes. We perform a full inspection the damaged area in order to determing if there’s any water damge and provide you a full report of all services needed. Most pipe repairs can be performed in just a few hours with no hassle whatsoever. We’ll get your plumbing system working properly once again.

Drain Cleaning

Rather than go through the hassle of home remedies that don’t work, try having your drains cleaned out by a professional company that help you with long term solutions that work. We use the most advanced technology in the industry today in order to thoroughly clear the blockage from your drains and clean the inner walls of your pipes without damaging or corroding them. If you have major blockage from roots, rocks or other debris that has punctured and blocked your pipes, we’ll replace them and get your water flowing once again. At W.H. Hobbs Inc. we get to the base of the problem and completely restore your pipes.

Water Heater Repair & Installation

Whether you are looking for a brand new installation or need repairs and routine maintenance we service all brands of water heaters both old and new. Since your water heater utilizes a considerable amount of energy, it’s important that you have a unit that is operating efficiently at all times. We are qualified to work on all water heater components on both tank heaters and tankless heaters. We also provide full tank installation and replacement. if repair and energy bills are stacking up, it may be time for you to replace your current model. We can inspect your water heater and make recommendations in order to help you save money in the long run.

Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Room remodeling is a major investment that instantly adds real value to your home. A professional plumbing company can guide you through every step of remodeling from choosing the right products to delivery and full implementatin of all bathroom fixtures and accessories. We install all kitchen and bathroom products including tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, floors, and appliance connections and We also re-route plumbing and replace all old systems. Let W.H. Hobbs Inc. help you transform that old bathroom or kitchen into the room that you’ve always wanted. Contact us today for a one-on-one consultation.

Purify Your Water with a Filtration System

We install water filtration systems for all residential and commerical properties. Our systems range from single faucet models to entire building systems that purify the water in every room. There are numerous benefits to installing a filtration system into your home or business. With proper filtration your water will be cleaner to drink and cook with. Clean water minimies mold and algae build up. It’s also better for your clothing and linens. We install high quality filtration from reputable manufacturers that you know and trust. Our systems are affordable and easy to implement into your plumbing system.

Why Choose W.H. Hobbs Inc.

At W.H. Hobbs Inc. we have built a reputation as a first rate plumbing company that provides the highest level of customer service and top-of-the-line products that are guaranteed to last. We work closely with each client in order to eliminate any guesswork or surprises. This insures that you are absolutely satisfied with our work. Call us today and see why we are Charlotte’s #1 plumbing company.

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