Apr 13 2019

The Institute of Sports Performance

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The Institute of Sports Performance, REMMONT.COM

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Turning Winners Into Champions!

Creating Breakthroughs with Athletic Performance and Sports Injury Recovery


We work with some of the greatest athletes in the world, including Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist in numerous sports. Our team works with NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes and teams as well as school age, college, and elite athletes. We profoundly impact athletic performance and help develop championship character. Athletes not only improve in their respective sport, but also see dynamic changes in emotional intelligence, life skills, and self confidence. Athletes compete with more passion and enjoy training and competing with more passion and connection to their sport.

Champions Mental Edge© Performance Series

This powerful downloadable video series captures the lifetime of experience, knowledge, insight, success, and struggles, that Robert Andrews has collected and integrated into his work with athletes of all levels and sports..

This same information has helped produce Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist, World Champions, NFL All Pro’s. MLB and NBA All Star’s, NCAA National Champions, State Champions, and other highly successful college and high school athlete’s.

Now this same powerful information can be yours though a downloadable video series available to athletes, teams, coaches, and parents.

Sports Injury Recovery

Injured athletes must overcome the intense mental and emotional reactions to sports injuries. Using a protocol that utilizes re-scripting, Eidetic Imagery, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps athletes process and integrate the mental blocks and negative imagery and experiences associated with the injury. Learn more

For Younger Athletes

Today’s younger athletes face extremes in stress and pressure as they participate in sports they used to play for fun. We have developed resources to address the special needs of younger athletes and help them face the “no mistakes’ sports cultures in todays youth sports. Younger athletes can regain their joy and passion for sports and still participate at a high level free off fear and anxiety. Learn more


ACL injuries, Tommy John, concussions, broken ankles, and other serious sports related injuries have a serious mental and emotional impact on the injured athlete. The initial pain of the injury, fear about missing playing time, finding out surgery is required, losing connection to a team or the sport the athlete loves, doubts about being able to return to play at a high level, fear about losing a valuable contract, and fear of re-injury are all significant mental and emotional blocks the athlete must address to be truly 100% ready to return to play. Learn more


Where the mind leads the body follows! We have developed a performance model that works with the greatest athletes on the planet. This mental training model for athletes helps maximize physical talent and insure appropriate and effective responses to stress and pressure. Athletes step up to compete with rock solid belief in their talent. In every athlete there is a best self and a struggling self . If an athlete is healthy then their physical talent and potential is always present. The personality or performance temperament the athlete pairs with their innate talent determines to what level the athlete will perform. This powerful formula for success pairs talent and the right mental approach. The results speak for themselves and have helped in the development of Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalists. Learn more


Successful teams all have common attributes that create high standards for individual performance. When team members work together in an environment that promotes peak performance and accountability, winning becomes a way of life. Winning teams know how to build trust, follow effective leadership, work through conflict, challenge each other, hold each other accountable, and eliminate factors that are destructive to performance. Learn more


Coaches all face varying levels of stress and pressure in their work with athletes and fellow coaches. Situations change quickly in the world of sports. Off the field pressures push in on coaches just like they do athletes. The great coaches utilize their best strengths, qualities, skills and traits when teaching, leading, and managing their athletes, teams, and fellow coaches. Learn more

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